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Prospective Students

Sarah, PhD English

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SarahA Typical Day:

7 am – Rowing. Fall in love with the morning light.
8.30am – Second breakfast (sometimes in hall with fellow boaties).
10 am – Attend a lecture that might help with my research.
11 am – Supervise an undergraduate, trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about.
12 pm – Send emails.
12.30pm – Lunch in hall with whoever is around the MCR.
1 pm – Post-lunch tea and chat in the MCR. The best part of the day.
6.30pm – Chapel choir rehearsal.
7.30pm – Grad hall.  Enjoy swooshing around in my big-sleeved gown, as I do every time.


Miss Vicky Mills
Admissions Officer
Trinity Hall
Trinity Lane
Cambridge CB2 1TJ

t: +44 1223 332535

Undergraduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions

How to Apply

Apply to Trinity Hall

Applicants for a graduate degree apply directly to the University and not to the College.

Full Details on the University Website

MCR (for Graduates)

Image of JCR logo with building

The MCR (Middle Combination Room) is our name for the graduate common area and graduate student body. With plenty of facilities, it's a great place to read, grab a coffee or chat with friends.

Visit the MCR Website

Studentships & Funding

Trinity Hall has some of the most generous graduate funding of all the Cambridge Colleges, including fully-funded graduate scholarships and research-related funding.

Find out More on Funding


Trinity Hall Wychfield Accommodation

Trinity Hall has a variety of accommodation for undergraduate and graduates. Fully furnished rooms, some ensuite, and much cheaper than commercial rates.

See our Accommodation

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