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Trinity Hall Milestone Lecture 2017

Ways of Seeing a City: The Rooftops of Paris in Cinema
By Dr Isabelle McNeill, Philomathia Fellow in French

The 2017 Milestone Lecture addresses questions of seeing and looking, visibility and opacity that are raised when cinema depicts urban space, with the rooftops of Paris as a revealing example. Emerging in the 19th century, a discourse of ‘charm’ has developed in relation to the rooftops of Paris that finds its natural expression in the cinema. The lecture focuses on Hiner Saleem’s Beneath the Rooftops of Paris (2006), analysing the film in relation to a historical understanding of the urban architecture of Paris and its representation in cinema.

You can now watch the fascinating lecture here.


Due to copyright, two film clips have been omitted from this recording.

The opinions expressed in this lecture are the presenter's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Trinity Hall.

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