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Frazer Jennings (2006, Veterinary Medicine)

Frazer Jennings composite image

Frazer Jennings was a vet student at Trinity Hall from 2006-2012. He loved travelling and in his early college years went with friends to Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Georgia and Armenia, and later to Morocco. Because gaining experience and term holidays are always interconnected for vet and medical students, he was keen to combine travel and work in those holiday weeks. He spent time in his later college years working at animal charities in India and in Costa Rica, visiting Panama whilst there. It was his long-term plan to take his skills and qualifications to travel far and wide whilst working.

Diagnosed with a rare cancer in May 2012, Frazer had just completed his written final exams. His unfailingly calm and positive attitude meant that discovering this illness at such a crucial time did not affect his enthusiasm, commitment and determination to complete his vivas, and he graduated with his year group. He was awarded the Animalcare Prize, given to the final year student judged to be outstanding by their peers.

Throughout his illness Frazer was determined to make the best of things, the best of life, and to use his precious time well. As well as keeping up his veterinary skills and making plans to continue his studies through research, he travelled in Europe as much as he could between treatments, visiting Spain, Switzerland, France and Portugal, as well as trips in the UK. He was always looking ahead and to the next adventure.

Sadly Frazer found out that no further treatment was possible in February 2015 and he died a few weeks later. He treasured life and he knew what mattered. Frazer was an inspiration to his friends and family, and he leaves us with the beautiful gift of having known him.   

Memorial Service - 28 April

A Memorial Service for Frazer will be held on Thursday 28 April 2016 at Trinity Hall. The Service will take place in the Chapel at 6.30pm followed by a reception in the Graham Storey Room where food will be served. The Service will be led by the Dean, Revd Dr Stephen Plant, and members of Frazer’s family will be present.

If you would like to attend the Memorial Service, please could we ask that you contact the Alumni Office on 01223 332550 or alumnioffice@trinhall.cam.ac.uk.

An endowed fund has been established in Frazer’s name to enable veterinary and medical sciences students at Trinity Hall to undertake travel related to their work. Frazer Jennings studied Veterinary Sciences at Trinity Hall from 2006 to 2012 and loved to travel. He travelled to India, Costa Rica and Panama to gain experience in his clinical training years. Anyone wishing to make a donation in lasting memory of Frazer is able to contribute to this fund. Please see the gift webpage and quote 'Frazer Jennings Endowment Fund' when donating.

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