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Volunteering as a teacher at the Hindu Vidyapeeth School in the rural province of Dang (Nepal)

Evie Robertson (2013, Human, Social & Political Sciences)

This Summer, I spent 6 weeks volunteering as a teacher at the Hindu Vidyapeeth School in the rural province of Dang, located in the Southern Terai region, about 12 hours from the capital, Kathmandu. Alongside 3 other girls from Cambridge, I taught English to Nepali children of all abilities and ages, whilst living and volunteering in the nearby Children’s Peace Home, home to 34 underprivileged children that the HVP Charity support.

My 6 weeks in Nepal gave me a vital insight into the crippling effects of April’s devastating earthquake and subsequent aftershocks that struck the Kathmandu Valley, and the more recent political protests,’bandhas’over the drafting and subsequent creation of a new Constitution. However, what was apparent to me was the amount of pride the people have in their country and hope that recent events will lead to a better Nepal. My time in Nepal was truly life changing, through the people I met, sites that I visited, teaching and volunteering experience and culture that I got to be a part of. Read More

Evie Robertson Evie Robertson Evie Robertson

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