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Volunteering as a teacher (Thailand)

Teaching in a remote village in Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand

Heidi Dobson (2008, Geography)

I spent the main part of the summer in Thailand. In total I was there for eleven weeks. For roughly the first five weeks I worked with the Karen Hill Tribes Trust as a volunteer teacher in the north of the country. Throughout the remaining six weeks I travelled in the south of the country visiting four islands and spending  a week in Bangkok.

During my time with the Karen Hill Tribes Trust I was based in a remote village in the province of Mae Hong Son. The village was located in a mountainous area and was susceptible to landslides, as was the only road to the village. There were rice fields nearby which were an important income and food source. The village had only basic amenities, for example it had a small shop, selling everyday items, and a church. The church, which was Catholic, was very important in village life. Religion seemed to be a dominant part of the children’s lives in particular.

The houses in the village were rather primitive. They were mostly constructed of wood, however, they did have an electricity supply to the main rooms and access to clean running water. This was thanks to a previous project by the Karen Hill Tribes Trust which installed a clean water system... Read more

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