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Working on the Dreams Project (New Zealand)

Raising aspirations, achievement and engagement levels from students from disadvantaged backgrounds at Mission Heights Junior College.

Ashleigh Lamming (2007, Modern & Medieval Languages)

My project was based at Mission Heights Junior College (MHJC) in New Zealand, and aimed to establish links between this school, a school in my home county, Branston Community College (BCC), and other schools across the world participating in the DREAMS project. The DREAMS project is a scheme I founded in collaboration with BCC last year that aims to raise the aspirations, achievement, and engagement levels of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, by sharing best practice between schools across the world, and enabling students to collaborate on international projects that enthuse and inspire them. It was founded in response to incidences of drug taking, teenage pregnancy and destructive behaviour by bright but highly disadvantaged young students at BCC. MHJC will be the first New Zealand School to participate in the project. It is a newly established school where most students have English as Second Language, and many come from poor backgrounds.

An important part of my summer project involved working to introduce schemes to MHJC that I had used successfully to enthuse and inspire bright, disadvantaged students at BCC. Debating is an activity that has been shown to contribute significantly to improving students’ academic abilities and success in university applications, and one that I have seen have impressive effects on young people I have worked with at BCC .... Read more


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