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Working with the Temi Community (Georgia)

Working with a community of vulnerable people in Gremi in association with TravelAid.

Lauren Arthur (2008, English)

I travelled to Georgia for four weeks, my main aim being to undertake volunteer work for a community called Temi. I went with three other Cambridge students and the project was in association with TravelAid.

We spent the first five days of our trip exploring Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city, and numerous other places that represented what Georgia had to offer. We felt that it was important to gain a sense of Georgia’s identity as a country before experiencing the relatively isolated community of Temi. Tbilisi is a city with a great deal of poverty, but also a lot of charm.

Our project work at Temi began on Monday 16th August (see pictures 5 onwards). Temi is based in Gremi, a village in Kakheti, Georgia’s eastern province. The community for vulnerable people was founded 20 years ago by Nika Kvashvili and now has over 80 residents. The site is large, and at its centre is an old house built by a Russian doctor in the 19th Century. More recent additions to the site include a modern dormitory for residents with special needs, a workshop, a laundry house and a bread house. Temi, which means ‘community’ in Georgian, aims eventually to be self-sufficient ... Read more

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