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Teaching English in Kathmandu (Nepal)

A placement at the Manasarovar Academy organised through Cambridge University English Language Studies for Tibetans.

Hannah Capek (2009, Geography)

This summer I spent one month teaching English at the Manasarovar Academy in the Boudhanath region of Kathmandu, Nepal. I taught three lessons a day with another volunteer to children aged 8-13, and in the evenings I ran rehearsals for a production of The Wizard of Oz with the oldest children. The placement was organised through Cambridge University English Language Studies for Tibetans (CU-ELST), a local charity which aims to empower Tibetan refugees through education.

The Manasarovar Academy was founded in 1999 by three inspirational women (two of whom continue to manage the school today) with the aim of educating children from families of Tibetan refugees. Initially, 8 children attended the school, but during the last decade the school has grown exponentially so that at present, 324 children are educated at Manasarovar, most of whom live in Boudha, the Tibetan quarter of Kathmandu. However, the school does cater for 30 boarders who come from the more rural areas of Nepal. The school relies heavily on charitable donations from two European NGOs, and as a result the majority of the children at the school are only able to receive an education as they have a foreign sponsor assigned to them who pays their educational expenses. It was quite startling to realise that education is a luxury in Nepal that not all children are fortunate to receive .... Read more

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