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Summer camp in Recife (Brazil)

Facilitating summer camps for children aged 8-16yrs in Recife, in conjunction with Latin Link, a Christian mission organisation.

Beth Parker (2010, Linguistics)

My trip to Recife in Brazil was organised by Latin Link, a Christian mission organisation based in Latin America. I travelled in a group of 12 girls to the north-eastern city of Recife in order to facilitate two summer camps organised for children aged between 8 and 16 years old. These are run by the local Presbyterian church. The aim was to aid relations between the church and the young children in the local favelas as well as creating relationships between children of all different classes in the area. As one of two team leaders I also had the job of liaising with the local Brazilian Christians to organise our timetable and raise any problems.

After a long and nervous flight on the 27th June, we all arrived safely in Recife to be met by local Christians who split us up into pairs and showed us to our host families and their homes. As we hadn't been told much about our accommodation before our arrival, we were all very relieved to find that we were staying in houses with running water, electricity, beds and some even had maids. The next day we were given a tour of the local area and the church before getting started on planning for the camps. I think all of us were shocked at what we saw in the community at Porta Larga where the children we would be working with were living .... Read more

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