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Teaching disadvantaged young children in Kathmandu (Nepal)

Teaching english to children at the Hindu Vidayapeeth school, through Cambridge Volunteers in Nepal.

Bryony Goodwin (2011, English)

In the Summer of 2013, I travelled to Nepal to teach English to children at the Hindu Vidayapeeth (HVP) school, Kathmandu. My trip was organized through Cambridge Volunteers in Nepal, a student-run group dedicated to recruiting twenty volunteers each year to teach at one of three Nepali schools. I chose the Kathmandu school for its location (near the local village of Patan, the main shopping market in Thamel, and a few western restaurants), and for the hostel attached to the school, which offers accommodation to children who live in remote areas. The hostel was situated within the school building, and, as volunteers, we lived for seven weeks on the same corridor as the girls’ dormitories. As soon as we arrived, we were introduced to the principal of the school, and welcomed with a Nepali scarf which we were told must be worn for our entire first day, to bring us luck and good health for our time in Nepal! We met the principal’s daughter, Nabou, had our first cup of Nepali chai, and then were left to explore for an hour before prayer time. We went to find our room, but were promptly dragged off to one of the girls’ dormitories .... Read more

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