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Promoting the rights and living standards of disadvantaged people (Ghana)

Promoting the rights and living standards of disabled and disadvantaged people in Tamale as part of the"International Citizen Service" scheme.

Grace Pengelly (2011, Politics Psychology & Sociology)

In July 2013, I was lucky enough to travel to Tamale, the capital of Northern Ghana. I went there as a participant of the “International Citizen Service” scheme, a DFID run programme that seeks the get young people more involved with development work. I was placed in community called Sogonalli and worked for three months at the “Regional Advisory and Information Network Systems” (RAINS). RAINS is a non-profit organisation, that relies on the support of overseas grant to carry out local project work. It works with the marginalised in society, especially children and women, to promote female empowerment and education. I was a project worker and researcher for RAINS and spent my time working on three projects.

  • Exploring ways in which young boys that often missed school to help on their parent’s farm could attend school more regularly.
  • Exploring ways to communicate messages about reproductive health to teenage girls so that they could spend time in school
  • Encouraging RAINS to explore the benefits that Social Media might have on their organisation ....

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