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Developing entrepreneurial projects to assist slum dwellers (Tanzania)

Working in Tanzania with the Cambridge Development Initiative, alongside students from the University of Dar es Salaam developing entrepreneurial projects to assist slum dwellers.

Georgia Ware (2012, Engineering)

The Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI) is a student run charity that was established last year by two Cambridge undergraduates. CDI believes that students can have a far greater impact in the developing world if they apply their bright minds to solving problems rather than doing manual labour, which displaces skilled workmen out of a job.  CDI also recognises that volunteering should be a two way learning process where the volunteers gain as much from their experiences as the intended benefiters. Both sides gain from the experience creating a sustainable transaction.  I was part of its first cohort for CDI of 30 students working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania this summer. The initiative ran four projects under the titles of health, education, engineering and entrepreneurship. I became a member of the entrepreneurship team in February and worked for the last two Cambridge terms planning the project as well as receiving training. I worked within a team of five aiming to improve entrepreneurship within the city ... Read more

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