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Health Education in the Developing World (WHO) (Switzerland)

Working in Geneva with the Cambridge Global Health Internship Scheme, on a project involving the vaccination of children in the developing world.

Louise Ashwell (2011, History)

This summer, I carried out an eleven-week internship at the Geneva headquarters of the World Health Organisation. The WHO is a UN constituent agency, whose role is to generate reliable health information, data and guidelines. I was an employee of the WHO Department of Communications in their Writing and Messaging team. The opportunity to help participate in the creation of public health campaigns was a unique experience, and one I feel honoured to have been a part of. I have come away convinced that the importance of communications in managing health crises by educating and enhancing awareness of disease and healthy living cannot be stressed enough. I obtained this placement via the Cambridge Global Health Internship Scheme. Where I differed from the other students on the scheme who worked at the World Health Organisation was that instead of working in one of its disease programme ‘clusters’, I was in a centralised department whose role was to supply communications products spanning every single health issue which the WHO works on. This provided me with a uniquely holistic understanding of the organisation’s work, as well as the internal politics of the UN organisations more generally ... Read more

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