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Shalini Ganendra

Shalini Ganendra (1984)


My time at the Hall marks a turning point in my life

How do you look back on your time at Trinity Hall?
I came to the Hall because of family tradition and cherish the relationships that I have to this day, including that with my husband, Dennis, a fellow Trinity Hall alum. I have the good fortune to continue experiencing Cambridge (with two sons at the University), and to do what I wish I had done more of during my terms - visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettle's Yard and taking millions of photographs of the architectural wonders that dot the town. My time at the Hall marks a turning point in my life - of growing up and doing so with the belief that anything is possible with commitment, a bit of smarts and good relationships.
Why did you choose to study law?
A platform for life was developed at the Hall, through social as well as academic development. I read law because of an interest in argument and developed a real love for the subject by my last year, having learned that mastering the basics really does open cerebral doors.
What does gender equality mean to you?
I practised on Wall Street for a number of years and then moved into entrepreneurial enterprises - all of which have required tenacity - an important trait that I strengthened during my undergraduate years. Let's face it - Cambridge is not for the faint hearted if contentment and success are to stay with you. As a result of believing in the power of resilience and tenacity, I have always practised that gender equality simply means meritocracy.

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