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Lilia Giugni

Dr Lilia Giugni is a young Neapolitan who recently completed a PhD in Politics and International Studies at Trinity Hall. She chose the College because of it being a supportive community – especially for graduates.

Lilia Giugni

She is a Post-doctoral Research Associate in Social Innovation at the Cambridge Judge Business School, and the CEO and co-founder of GenPol, a think tank consultancy researching matters of gender. Whilst her PhD concentrated on the role of ideas in the transformation of European left-of-centre political parties, her current research focuses on gender and organised crime in Southern Italy. Lilia has previously worked with think tanks and charities on matters of politics, policy-making and gender. She is also the chair of FCome – a charity and a leading element of Italy’s feminist movement. She is passionate about the history of women in Cambridge and is constantly inspired by their difficult journey to be accepted in education.

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