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Dr Clare Jackson

Dr Clare Jackson is Trinity Hall’s Senior Tutor. As a historian, her interests lie in seventeenth-century Britain, with a particular focus on the Stuart dynasty.

Dr Clare Jackson, Senior Tutor

As Senior Tutor, Clare has overall responsibility for the academic and pastoral provision for Trinity Hall’s community of over 600 undergraduates and graduates. As a Director of Studies in History, she lectures for the History Faculty and supervises undergraduate, MPhil and PhD students. In 2014, Clare presented a three-part BBC2 television series entitled The Stuarts, followed by a two-part sequel, The Stuarts in Exile in 2015. Clare’s most recent book, Charles II: The Star King was published by Penguin in 2016, and she is currently writing a history of European perceptions of England between 1585 and 1720. Away from College, she spends numerous wintry evenings on football touchlines, reassuring her six-year-old son that her weekly Spanish lessons might, one day, help him to negotiate a contract with Real Madrid! When asked how she juggles being a Senior Tutor, lecturer, TV presenter and mother, Clare credits a supportive husband, an excellent team in the College Tutorial Office and, more generally, Trinity Hall’s ‘happy atmosphere’ where students, staff and Fellows are a never-ending source of infectious energy and inspiration.

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