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Julia Wang

Julia Wang is an American MPhil student, interested in children's literature. Her MPhil is in Education, Critical Approaches to Children's Literature track. Next year it will be a PhD in Education, and she will be doing research on Diana Wynne Jones's multiverses.

Julia Wang

She has embraced Trinity Hall’s warmth and inclusiveness. She has been struck by the profound and deep friendships she has made. The intellectual stimulae has nourished her, all the more comfort to her as she is recovering from a severe road accident. The work has lifted her spirits: “The work here makes you want to be a better person”. She enjoys the stimulation of other academics from all walks of life and shares inquisitive discussions with, among others, physicists, biologists and lawyers.  The College is, after all, about people. She thrives on lively discussions and feels that Trinity Hall is a good springboard for her future professional career, which she hopes to be in teaching at university level. Julia is honoured to be among female students and “can’t imagine College without women”.

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