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Soundboard of the Trinity Hall harpsichord, featuring the College's Elizabethan Grant of ArmsThe College's superb double-manual harpsichord was made by renowned English craftsman Andrew Garlick, and is a copy of a French style harpsichord after the Paris maker Goujon, 1748. This instrument was provided through the generous benefaction of numerous alumni of the College and was commissioned in order to fulfil both didactic and performance purposes. In addition to its use as an ensemble instrument, its capabilities as a solo keyboard instrument are of the highest calibre, and its full chromatic range enables the performance of the entire harpsichord repertoire.

Specification of the Andrew Garlick harpsichord

Two manuals, FF-f3 chromatic. Shove coupler.

Pitch: a=415’ transposing to a=440’

Registration: 2 x 8’ + 1 x 4’, buff to lower 8’

Keys covered with African blackwood with bone topped accidentals.

Traditional wooden jacks voiced in delrin.

Casework built of limewood and painted in subtle faux marble with black surrounds and yellow ochre lines.

Keywell and rim to the inside of the case, decorated with Flemish printed paper.

Inside lid decorated with Flemish ash grain paper, borders, arabesques and typical Latin motto ‘SOLI DEO GLORIA. SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI’.

Integral music desk. Stand, Flemish tripod style.

Soundboard decoration in the traditional Franco-Flemish style, incorporating the Trinity Hall ‘Grant of Arms’ (signed, 17 September, 1575)

A recent CD recording entitled The Trinity Hall Harpsichord, recorded in the College Chapel and played by the College's Director of Music, Andrew Arthur, is available from our gift shop.







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