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Donation of Books

We very rarely add to the collections housed in the Old Library because of constraints of space. We limit our acquisitions to outstanding books that will complement the strengths of our exisitng collections.

In the last few years we have been delighted to accept the following generous donations:

  • An early edition of the Authorised Version of the King James Bible (London 1616) and three volumes by William Cave, Chaplain in Ordinary to King Charles II, Apostolici (London, 1682), Ecclesiastici (London, 1683) and Antiquitates apostolicæ (London, 1684) presented by Revd Bill Cave (TH 1973)
  • Three volumes of Papal bulls Magnum Bullarium Romanum (Lyons, 1655; Luxemburg, 1727 and 1730) presented by Dr Philipp Mohr (TH 1990)

King James BileKing James Bible Papal BullPapal bull of 1655


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