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MS. 30 Lives of Bateman and Chappell

1. Description by M. R. James

2. Supplementary Description

1. Description by M. R. James

                                                                           Haenel 34.
Vellum and paper, 10 x 65/8, ff. 17 written.

Cent. xvi and xviii, very neatly written. Given by Beauprè Bell.

Contains his book-plate.

On the flyleaf :

Cum in Archivis Aulae SS. Trinitatis Cantabr. frustrà hodie de Fundatore Gulielmo Batteman quaerantur Commentarii Volumen hoc ex iisdem Cura Roberti Hare exscriptum olim Antiquum suum locum obtinere jubet. Beaupreus Bell, Junii 4, 1729.


1. On seven leaves of vellum. At top: Roberti Hare.

De vita et morte reuerendissimi dni Willmi Batteman Norwicen. Ep. prout habetur in archiuis aule S. Trinitatis Cantebrigie.

Religiosam vitam profitentibus et sancte matris ecclesie filiis uniuersis fr. Laurentus prior ecclesie cathedralis sancte Trinitatis Norwicen. etc.

It is the preamble to a mortuary roll, and ends with Titulus eccl. b. Marie sanctimonialium de Careswike. Anima d. Willelmi Norwicen. Ep. et anime omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam dei requiescant in pace.

Vestris nostra damns pro nostris vestra rogamus.

(Beaupraei Bell de Beauprè Hall in com. Norf. 1724, Aristeuein.)

Copied from Hare's MS. collections at Gonville and Caius College. MS. 391 in Smith's Catalogue.

2. On paper, written by Beauprè Bell.

Vita Gulielimi Chappel Corcagiensis et Rossensis Ep.

On 8 leaves, in Latin:

Bishop Chappel's Acct of his own Life.

1582. Post mille quingentos et octies decem annos secundus orbi me dedit.

Ends with the Epitaph, by Archbp Sterne, in Bilstorp Church, Notts.

© N.J.R. James

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2. Supplementary Description

Language:Latin, with English
Origin:England, Norfolk
Date:18th c., 1724 and ca. 1724 - 1729
Material:Parchment (fols. 2 – 8) and paper (no watermarks visible)
Physical Description:

i stiffened paper flyleaf + 33 folios (unfoliated)

A 250 x 165 (180 x 112) mm, 22 long lines, ruled in plummet, leaf signatures (verso of each leaf)

B 254 x 163 (220 x 140) mm, 23 – 24 long lines, ruled in plummet


A De vita et morte reverendissimi domini Willelmi Batteman Norwicen. episcopi, pro ut habetur in archivis aule Sancte Trinitatis Cantebrigiensis

B Bishop Chappel’s account of his own life


A Religiosam vitam profitentibus et sancta matris ecclesie filiis universis

B 1582. Post mille quingentes et octies decem annes secundus orbi mei dedit.

2o folio:

A [in] fantiam et

B ipsis calumniam


A Vestris nostra damus pro nostris vestra rogamus. Beauprei Bell de Beauprè Hall in Com. Norf. 1724. Aristeuein.

B Posuit Richardus Stern Archiepisc. Eborac. in Ecclesia de Bilstorp in agro Nottingham.


A Fol. 1r, Title page; fols. 2r – 8r, Life of Bishop William Bateman (ca. 1298 – 1355) (copied from mortuary rolls in the possession of Robert Hare)

B Fol. 9r, Title page; fols. 10r – 16v, Life of William Chappell, (1582 – 1649) Bishop of Cork and Ross; fols. 17r – 17v, Epitaph of Bishop Chappell by Richard Sterne, Archbishop of York, in Bilsthorpe church, Notts.


A Formal Italic hand

B Formal round hand

Scribe:Beauprè Bell (1704 – 1741)

A Brown penwork Roman capital [5 l.] in plain penwork frame for start of main text

B Brown pen-flourished initials [ca.3 – 4 l.] for start of words in titles of texts, fols. 10r, 17r

Provenance:Beauprè Bell (bookplate (inside upper cover), inscription fol. 8r); his gift, 1729 (Inscription Cum in archivis Aulae Sanctus Trinitatis Cantabrigiensis; fustra hodie de fundatore Gulielmo Batteman quaerantur commentarii, volumen hoc ex iisdem cura Roberti Hare ex scriptum olim antiquum suum locum obtinere jubet. Beaupreus Bell. Junii 4 1729, fol. 1v)
Binding:18th / 19th c., quartered marbled paper and brown leather over paste boards, edges speckled red
Notes:MS written by Bell, Life of Bateman copied from Hare MSS now in Caius College. Bell imitates a late 16th c. hand on fols. 2r – 8r, and reproduces Hare’s signature at top of fol. 2r. Bell was a student at Trinity College, but his antiquarian interests may have led him to give this MS to Trinity Hall because of the contents.
Bibliography:M. R. James, Catalogue of Manuscripts in Trinity Hall (Cambridge, 1907), 45

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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