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MS. 15 Tabula Martiniana (Martini Tabula Decretorum)

1. Description by M. R. James

2. Supplementary Description

1. Description by M. R. James

                                                         Haenel 24. C. M. A. 2175. 2.

Vellum, 10 1/2 X 7 1/4, ff. 140, double columns of 51 lines.

Cent. xiv, fairly well written.      2 fo. de sen. ex.

Chain-mark at middle top of first leaf.

Probably given by Bp Bateman to the College. At the end is the crescent ermine with the Maltese cross.


18-38 412 (wants 10) 58 68 710 812 912 (wants 7) 1012 1312 148.


Martini Tabula Decretorum (usually called Tabula Martiniana).

Inter alia que ad fidelium Christi doctrinam scripta sunt

—principium et finis qui est benedictus in sec. sec. Amen.

Text. Aaron—Zizannia.

Ends f. 137: vj. de eleccionibus hiet.

Expl. tabula martini.

Index in four columns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . f. 137 b

f. 140 is blank.

© N.J.R. James

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2. Supplementary Description

Author:Martinus Polonus (Martin of Troppau) (d. 1278)
Date:14th c., ca. 1325 - 1350
Physical Description:iii modern parchment flyleaves + 141 folios + iii modern parchment flyleaves, 266 x 182 (210 x 135 – 141) mm, 2 columns, 51 lines, ruled in crayon, catchwords, leaves lost between fols. 33 – 34 (stub numbered 33b)
Incipit:Inter alia que ad fidelium Christi doctrinam scripta sunt
2o folio:de senex
Explicit:De eleccionibus hietibus. Explicit tabula Martini
Contents:Fols. 1r – 137r, Tabula Martini; fols. 137v – 139v, Index
Script:Gothic bookhand (hybrida); Gothic bookhand (textualis) for subject names
Decoration:Red penwork initials [1 – 4 l.] for Prologue, each subject and Index
Provenance:Bishop William Bateman (d. 1353); his gift to the College (signum instituted by Bateman, fol. 139v; see Notes for MS 20)
Binding:20th c., (Cambridge Conservation Consortium) alum-tawed skin over wooden boards, purple endbands; damage and staining from chains at top of first few folios and bottom of last few folios. Previous (19th c.) binding kept with MS
Notes:Most of fol. 92 torn out. Very good nota bene hand, fol. 127v.
Bibliography:M. R. James, Catalogue of Manuscripts in Trinity Hall (Cambridge, 1907), 33; L. Hinton, Trinity Hall: the story of the OldLibrary (Cambridge,2000), 8

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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