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MS. 7 Glossarium in sextum decretalium

1. Description by M. R. James

2. Supplementary Description

1. Description by M. R. James

Haenel 2.                           C. M. A. 2180. 7.

Vellum, I21/2 x 81/8, ff. 185, 54 lines to a page. Cent. xiv late, in an ugly current hand.

From Christ Church, Canterbury, to which it was given in 1384 by Prior Thomas Chillenden

(d. 1411). A list of his books appears in Litterae Cantuarienses, Rolls Series III. 121, but I

do not think this appears. It was given many years before he died. See my Ancient Libraries

of Canterbury and Dover, p. 512.


112 24 (4 canc.) 312 (+ 1) 412 518 612 710 810 (1 canc.) 98 106

(1 canc.) 1114 (14 canc.) 1212 (+ 1) 1312 1410 158-178 18? (1 left) 1910 (wants 10).


1. Apparatus Iohannis (Andreae) super Sextum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . f. I

Fundamenta conclus ... cardinalis in uerciculo ecclesia. Ecclesia est duas habens.

Ends f. 137 : temerarius violator hoc libro.

Expl. apparatus VI libri decretalium compositus et glosatus per venerabilem

dominum Johannem Monachi tituli sanctorum Marcellini et Petri presbiteri cardinalis

a.d. millesimo cc. xcviiio.

Istud reportorium fuit datum per d. thomam chillindene venerabilem doctorem in

decretis monachi ecclesie Christi cantuarie a. d. millesimo ccc. lxxxiiiio.

2. Table in double columns with prologue

quum omnes materias.

Imperfect, ending in letter q. Then follows a fragment of a similar table.

© N.J.R. James

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2. Supplementary Description

Author:Giovanni d’Andrea (Johannis Andreaea) (ca. 1275 – 1348)
Date:14th c., ca. 1350 - 1375
Physical Description:ii modern parchment flyleaves + 185 folios + ii modern parchment flyleaves, 305 – 314 x 220 (250 – 255 x 157 – 167) mm, 54 – 60 long lines, (2 columns, 54 – 62 lines, fols. 137v – 185v) ruled in crayon and plummet, catchwords, quire signatures, (first part of quire) running headers, leaves lost between fols. 179 – 180 and after 185
Rubric:Fun[da]menta concilius [. . .] cardinalis in verciculo ecclesia
Incipit:Ecclesia est viricas duas habens
2o folio:ideo et ista
Explicit:Explicit apparatus vi libri decretalium compositus et glosatus per venerabilem virum dominum Johannem monachi tituli sanctorum Marcellini et Petri presbiteri cardinalis anno domini millesimo ccxcviij (fol. 137r)
Contents:Fols. 1r – 137r, Glossarium in sextum decretalium (starts imperfectly); fols. 137r – 179v, Table quum omnes materias (ends imperfectly); fols. 180r – 185v, Table (starts and ends imperfectly)
Script:Gothic bookhand (cursive); Gothic bookhand (textualis) for incipits of main sections, fols. 1r – 137r
Decoration:Brown penwork initials [2 l.] highlighted in red, occasionally with penwork faces, for lesser text divisions, fols. 1r – 91v, 137v – 179v; red penwork initials, [3 l.] frequently with sketched faces or ears of corn, for main and lesser text divisions fols. 92r – 104v, 180r – 185v; red penwork linefillers
Provenance:Thomas Chillenden, (d. 1441) Prior of Christ Church, Canterbury; his gift to Christ Church, 1384 (Istus reportorium fuit datum per dominum Thomam Chillindene venerabilem doctorem in decretis, monachi ecclesie Christi Cantuarie, anno domin millisimo ccclxxxiiij, fol. 137r); at Trinity Hall by 1600 (T. James no. 2180)
Binding:20th c., (Cambridge Conservation Consortium) native-dyed goatskin over bevelled wooden boards, white endbands (previous 19th c. binding kept with MS)
Notes:2 or more scribes. Space left for decorated initials for main text divisions, but none filled in. Medieval nota bene signs throughout, occasionally in red. Lower section of fol. 1 removed.
Bibliography:M. R. James, Catalogue of Manuscripts in Trinity Hall (Cambridge, 1907), 9; M. R. James, The Ancient Libraries of Canterbury and Dover (Cambridge, 1903), 512; N. Ker, Medieval Libraries of great Britain (London, 1941), 21; P. Robinson, Catalogue of dated and datable manuscripts c. 737-1600 in Cambridge libraries (Cambridge, 1988), 111

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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