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MS. 33 Treatises in verse on several different subjects of morality etc.

This Persian manuscript is a compendium of eleven works on morality, written by a number of Persian authors. It was in the Old Library by ca. 1720, when an inscription was made on the front fly-leaf by William Warren, Fellow and Librarian of Trinity Hall.

Contents: Selection of verses by Nizāmī and Hātifī, collected to illustrate a number of ethical principles; Pand'nāmah; Qiṣṣah-ʾi mūsh va gurbah (also known as the Fable of the mouse and the cat); Two tracts on ethics; Nān va halvā; Religious poem; Religious qasīdah; Bāb davyam dar bayān-i fadīlat-i muhtar-i Ibrāhīm; Tract on courtly etiquette; Short tract on companionship.

For a full description of this manuscript, please go to the Fihrist Islamic Manuscripts Online

Images of MS. 33MS 33 detail

Front cover

Back cover

Front cover open

Inscription on front fly leaf

Title page opening

Page with example of decorative border

Page with example of variant colour scheme

First colophon


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