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MS. 70.2 Spanish Dispatches 1534 - 1535


(old shelfmark **A.70.2)

Language:English, with Latin
Origin:England, York
Date:20th c., before 1961
Material:Paper (factory made)
Physical Description:ii paper flyleaves + 143 folios + ii paper flyleaves, 322 x 200 (ca. 210 x 100) mm, ca. 10 - 35 long lines, unruled
Rubric:(fol. 18r) 1534. 3 Jan: Vol. VII. 14 p. 6. Chapnys to the Emperor Charles V
Incipit:The little pamphlet composed by the Council, which I sent to your majesty
2o folio:If anything happened
Explicit:(fol. 120r) abstract per me
Contents:Fols. 8r – 112v, Abstracts of Spanish Dispatches, chiefly concerning the divorce of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, part 2, with commentary by G. E. Larman
Script:Documentary cursive (pseudo-Secretary)
Scribe:George Edward Larman (1895 - 1961)
Provenance:George Edward Larman (1895 – 1961); his bequest, 1961
Binding:20th c., half brown cloth and brown leather over paste boards, red and gold endbands
Notes:Part of the Larman Bequest. Larman was a student at Trinity Hall 1914 - 1918. The MS is written in blue-black ink, with Larman’s comments and notes in red. Larman paginated the written portions of the MS only, with fol.18r as ‘p. 1’. The text is copied from the published Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic of Henry VIII.

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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