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MS. 56 Notes on government and law

(old shelfmark **A.56)

Author:Henry Sumner-Maine (1822 – 1888)
Date:19th c., ca. 1880 - 1885
Material:Paper (factory made)
Physical Description:90 folios (unfoliated or paginated), 180 x 115 (146 x 115) mm, 20 long lines, mechanically ruled in blue ink
Incipit:(fol. 3r; fol. 2v an addition in different ink) No doubt that
2o folio:new delight, in
Explicit:(fol. 47r) The other is that [.]is[. . ]ped in this paper (crossed through)
Contents:Fols. 2v – 47r, Notes on government and politics
Scribe:Henry Sumner-Maine (1822 – 1888)
Provenance:Sir Henry Sumner-Maine, (1822 – 1888) (his hand, and note ‘This notebook of Sir Henry Maine is one of those he used in the preparation of his book on ‘Popular Government’ H.L.’, fol. 1r); Harold Laski (1893 – 1950); his gift to Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley, 1st Baron Chorley (1895 – 1978) (inscription ‘Theo Chorley, with the affection of his friend and colleague Harold Laski’, fol. 1r); Lady Chorley (d. 1986); her gift to the College, 1980
Binding:19th c., cased, imitation black leather over card, edges mottled blue (produced as blank notebook)
Notes:Henry Sumner-Maine was Junior Tutor at Trinity Hall 1845 – 47 and Master 1877 – 1888; he was also Regis Professor of Law 1847 – 1854. His book Popular Government: Four Essays was first published in 1885, but the essays had previously been published in The Quarterly Review, and were influenced by Sumner-Maine’s articles in the St James’s Gazette, 1880-81. A number of Sumner-Maine’s other notebooks and papers are now held in the British Library of Political and Economic Science.

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