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MS. 54 The Steps of a Cause

(old shelfmark **A.54)

Author:?Francis Dickens (d. 1755)
Language:English, with Latin
Origin:England, Cambridge
Date:18th c., ca. 1711 - 1755
Material:Paper. Watermark; two lions supporting a shield (three saltire crosses on a pale), ?crown above (watermark in gutter)
Physical Description:ii paper flyleaves + 354 pages (only paginated to p. 180), 196 x 154 (ca. 190 x 135) mm, 22 long lines, ruled (left margin only) in pencil
Rubric:(p. 3) Citatio
Incipit:Johannes Brookbank L.L.D., officialis venerabilis viri Richardi Bentley S.T.P., Archidiaconi Eliensis legitime constitutus
2o folio:surrogatum, aut alium
Explicit:(p. 177) But ye party can oblige ye accomptant to prove his account by producing his wittnesses and vouchers before he need give his exceptions
Contents:p. 1, List of The Steps of a Cause; pp. 3 – 177, Notes on steps of a Cause
Script:Cursive mixed hand
Scribe:?Francis Dickens (d. 1755)
Provenance:‘This book may be preserved’, mid-later 18th c. (fol. i recto); ‘Dr Dickins’, 19th c. (pencil, inside lower cover)
Binding:18th c., (late) quarter marbled paper and brown leather over paste boards
Notes:Script of MS very similar to that of Francis Dickens, (Fellow 1705 – d. 1755); combined with the ?19th century pencil note cited in Provenance, the MS is assumed to be part of Dickens’s series of legal texts given to the College. Pencil note p. 2 that the first case cited is dated 1711.

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