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MS. 46.3 Of Dominion, or Property, vol. 3

(old shelfmark **A.46.3) 

Author:Francis Dickens (d. 1755)
Language:English, with Latin
Origin:England, Cambridge
Date:18th c., ca. 1705 -1755
Material:Paper. Watermark: crowned lion with wheat sheaf and taper within crowned circle, motto PRO PATRIA EIUSQUE UBE[. . . .] E (ca. 95 x 80 mm; this watermark occurs in other Trinity Hall MSS and in Cambridge, Trinity College, MS B.16.45)
Physical Description:i original flyleaf + 372 pages, 195 x 155 (unruled; ca. 185 x 130) mm, ca. 26  long lines
Rubric:Specification is another natural method of acquiring dominion
Incipit:Specificatio nihil aliud est quam introductio nove forma in alienam materiam
2o folio:The 3 Requisites
Explicit:(of Dicken’s text) a jus proprium et seperatum
Contents:pp. 1 – 371, Of Dominion, or Property, vol. 3
Script:Cursive mixed hand
Scribe:Francis Dickens
Provenance:Francis Dickens, (Fellow 1705 – d. 1755); his gift (‘I do desire that the few manuscripts books I shall leave behind me on the nature of dominion, marriage & guardianship may find a place in some remote corner of the College Library never to be taken out thence on any account whatever. F. D.’, inscription, inside upper cover)
Binding:18th c., parchment over pasteboards, ‘Of Dominion or property, and the methods of acquiring it, vol. 3d’ in ink on upper cover, edges speckled red
Notes:Almost all text on rectos only. Contents list in same late 18th / 19th cent. hand found in MS 45.3 is kept with this MS; this individual has also added a number of notes throughout and two paragraphs following the end of Dickens’s text, p. 371 (?signed ‘Harris’)
Bibliography:C. Crawley, Trinity Hall : the history of a Cambridge college, 1350-1992. 2nd ed., expanded by G. Storey. (Cambridge, 1992), 124

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