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MS. 42.1 Legal Practice and Precedents (Lane's Commonplace Book)

(old shelfmark **A.42.1) 

Author:John Lane
Language:Latin and English, with French
Origin:England, ?Cambridge
Date:17th c., 1613 (with later additions)
Material:Paper (no watermarks visible)
Physical Description:i paper flyleaf + 279 folios (foliated i – xxiv,(by cataloguer) 1 – 243, xxv – xxxvi) + i paper flyleaf, 219 x 172 (180 x ca. 140) mm, (fols. i – xvii ca. 210 – 165 mm, same ruling as main MS) 41 – 44 long lines, ruled in hard point (inner margin only), running headers
Rubric:De curiis ecclesiasticis
Incipit:Almacuria et aut
2o folio:Ner non in
Explicit:(fol. 243r) Addenda sunt ista notule pr[. . .] alias in sue coro dis[. . .]pte va[. . .]
Contents:Fol. ii recto, Note on legal case, 28 June 1637 (in different hand); fols. iv recto – iv verso, Notes on contents of MS (in later hand); fols. v recto – xvii verso, Table of Contents; fols. 1r – 243r, Legal Practice and Precedence; fols. xxv recto – xxvii recto, Notes on precedence (in different hand)
Script:Cursive mixed hand
Provenance:ColophonFinui hoc opus 21 octobris 1613. Johannes Lane (fol. 243r); draft exam questions, dated 1 May 1634, signed by Thomas Eden, Master of Trinity Hall (fl. 1596 – 1645) (fol. xxxv verso); ‘At the returne of this booke I doo promise to give one pound and three shillings of Good English monie. John Jones’, late 17th c. (fol. i recto); 1696 signature of Nathaniel Lloyd, (1669 – 1741) Master of Trinity Hall 1710 – 1735 (fol. xvii recto)
Binding:17th c., brown leather over paste boards, blind-tooled central and edge design, blue and pink endbands, ‘Num. 1 Lane’ in ink on upper cover; spine replaced
Notes:Lane possibly the resident student recorded at Trinity Hall 1584 – 1585 (Venn); he was a proctor (lawyer) by 1613 (Helmholz). Accounts part of legal case(?) possibly in Eden’s hand, fols. xxxvi recto – xxxvi verso. Notes on fols. xxv recto – xxvii recto signed by Edmund Lev[. . .]hald. Fols. i – xvii small than rest of MS but bound in at the same time. Note concerning law, later 17th c., pinned to fol. i verso.
Bibliography:R. M. Helmholz, Roman Canon Law in Reformation England (Cambridge, 1990), 124 n. 8, 127, 127 n. 19.

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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