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Many items in the Archives such as buttery books, maps and photographs require conservation treatment as they are deteriorating rapidly. Sometimes this is caused by the very nature of their physical condition and often it has been exacerbated by excess handling over the years. Several important items have been conserved recently, including the Praelector's book, the Benefactors' book and several photographs.  

Conservation of items in the Trinity Hall Archives is not only necessary for records to still be accessible to researchers but also to ensure their long term survival. Unfortunately, due to the great expense incurred through conservation of documents it is not possible to pay for the conservation of some items from the means available to the Archives. As part of our ongoing conservation programme we hope to raise enough funding to help us achieve our goals of conserving the College records in the archives. If you would like to contribute to this work please contact the Archivist


Contact the Archives:

The College Archives
e: archivist@trinhall.cam.ac.uk

Fellow Archivist & Librarian

Dr William O'Reilly
t: +44 1223 765956


Alexandra Browne
t: +44 1223 764103

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The promise of spring

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