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Winter Aconites

21 January 2014

Eranthis hyemalis has the common name Winter aconite due to its flowering season, along with its leaves resemblance to that of the leaves of the early flowering plant Aconitum.

Eranthis is in the family group Ranunculaceae (the buttercup family), which also includes Delphiniums, Anemones and Cimicifuga.

Another plant in the buttercup family is Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque flower), which grow at Wychfield on the Fire Road, between the Gardeners HQ and the Greenhouse. Due to the relatively mild weather we have been having of late, there is one currently flowering, which is early considering they usually flower in March!









Pulsatillas look particularly striking due to the combination of their large purple petals and vivid yellow stamens. The flowers are followed by very beautiful, silky looking seed heads.


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