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Masters of Trinity Hall

A list of the Masters of Trinity Hall since its foundation in 1350:

1350-1354Robert de Stretton (Stratton)
DCL by 1352; papal notary by 1379; died in 1392.
1355-1384Adam Walker or Wickmer
Canon of St Paul's, 1363; and of Chichester, 1371.
Died by 1386
1384-1413Robert Branch or Braunch
Canon of Chichester, 1390; died 1436
1413-1429?Henry Wells
Resigned in or soon before 1429; died 1431
1429-1443Marmaduke Lumley
Bishop of Carlisle, 1430-1449; and of Lincoln, 1450.
Lord High Treasurer of England, 1446-1449; Chancellor of the University of Cambridge 1427-28; died 16 Dec 1450
1443-1453Simon Dalling
Died after 1453.
1453-1471Simon Thornham
DCL 1463; died by 1472.
1471-1501William Dalling
Died 1501
1502-1503Edward Shouldham
DCL 1469; Canon of Lincoln, 1488; died 1503.
1503-1505? Vacancy
1505-1512John Wright (Wryght)
Resigned 1512; sometime Rector of Clothall (Herts); died
1512-1517/18Walter Huke (Hewke)
DCnL 1495; sometime Rector of Holywell (Hunts); died 1517/1518.
1520 or earlier -1525Thomas Larke
Formerly Surveyor of Building Work for King's College Chapel. Resigned 1525; died 1530.
1525-1551Stephen Gardiner
Bishop of Winchester, 1531-1551 and 1553-1555;
Secretary of State, 1528-1531; Lord Chancellor,
1553-1555. Elected Chancellor of the University of
Cambridge, 1539 and 1553.
Ejected as Master of Trinity Hall before Feb 1552;
restored, 1553; died 12 Nov 1555.
1552 (Feb-Oct)Walter Haddon
Left to become President of Magdalen, Oxford, Oct 1552; died 1571.
1552-1553William Mowse
From Oct 1552; removed, 1553; restored 1555; resigned probably before 1559; died 1588.
1553-1555Stephen Gardiner (again)
1555-1559?William Mowse (again)
1559-1585Henry Harvey
Died 1585.
1585-1598Thomas Preston
Died 1598.
1598-1611John Cowell
Died 1611.
1611-1626Clement Corbett
Died 1652.
1626-1645Thomas Eden
Died 1645.
1645Robert King
Oct 1645 - resigned before admission owing to objections from the House of Commons; re-elected, 1660, died 1676.
1646-1660John Bond
Died 1676.
1660-1676Robert King (again)
1676-1688Sir Thomas Exton
Sometime Admiralty Judge; elected three times as MP for the University of Cambridge; died 1688.
1688-1703George Oxenden
Died 1703.
1703-1710George Bramston
Died 1710.
1710-1735Sir Nathanael Lloyd
Benefactor of the College. Resigned 1735; died 1741.
1735-1764Sir Edward Simpson
Died 1764.
1764-1803Sir James Marriott
Died 1803.
1803-1815Sir William Wynne
Died 1815.
1815-1843Thomas Le Blanc
Judge of the King's Bench, 1799; died 1843
1843-1852Sir Herbert Jenner-Fust
Died 1852.
1852-1877Thomas Charles Geldart
Regius Professor of Civil Law, 1814-1847; died 1877.
1877-1888Sir Henry James Sumner Maine
Regius Professor of Civil Law, 1847-88; died 1888.
1888-1902Henry Latham
Benefactor of the College; died 1902.
1902-1916Edward Anthony Beck
Died 1916.
1919-1929Henry Bond LLD
Resigned 1929; died 1938.
1929-1954Henry Roy Dean MD
Professor of Pathology, 1922-1961. Retired 1954, died 1961.
1955-1965Sir William Ivor Jennings KBE QC LittD
Downing Professor of the Laws of England, 1963-1965. Died 1965.
1966-1975William Alexander Deer FRS
Elected Professor of Mineralogy, 1951; resigned 1975.
1976-1984Sir (Theodore) Morris Sugden CBE ScD FRS
Formerly Chief Executive, Shell Research; died 1984.
1985-2000Sir John Lyons LittD FBA
Formerly Professor of Linguistics & Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Sussex; retired 2000.
2000-2004Peter Clarke LittD FBA
Professor of Modern British History 1991-2004;
resigned 2004.
2004-2014Martin Daunton LittD FBA
Professor of Economic History, 1997-
2014The Revd Dr Jeremy Morris MA DPhil FRHistS


Sourced mainly from Crawley, Trinity Hall: The History of a Cambridge College 1350-1975.

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