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The College today

Trinity Hall, or The Master, Fellows and Scholars of the College or Hall of the Holy Trinity in the University of Cambridge, was founded by Bishop Bateman of Norwich in 1350. The College is an autonomous, self-governing community of scholars, and one of 31 Colleges within the University of Cambridge. The College is a registered charity and its registered charity number is 1137458. In accordance with its Founding Charter and Statutes, the College's charitable purpose is to advance education, religion, learning and research for the public benefit by the provision, support and maintenance of a College in the University of Cambridge.

The College is an institution of higher education and admits (as junior members) around 650 undergraduate and graduate students matriculated in the University of Cambridge. It provides financial and other support to those of its members who require it in order to achieve its purposes, and it supports teaching and research in the University. In furtherance of its objectives, the College maintains and manages an endowment of assets, including properties. Besides financial and tutorial support, it provides accommodation, catering and other services to its members and others.

The Governing Body

The Master and Fellows constitute the Governing Body of the College, to whose meetings are invited Junior Member representatives (for unrestricted business). The Governing Body is constituted and regulated in accordance with College Statues. The body is responsible for the strategic direction of the College, for its on-going administration, and for the management of its finances and assets. The Governing Body are also the Trustees of the charity. Meetings are held eight times a year under the Chairmanship of the Master. Supporting the Governing Body is a range of committees and advisory groups.

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